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Affordability Meets Efficiency – Introducing the New Tetra CCTV Tower

The UK construction industry continues to suffer at the hands of opportunistic thieves. Theft within the UK construction industry has reached over £800M per year, and despite the repeated warnings and huge amount of press around this problem, some construction site owners are still leaving themselves vulnerable by employing insufficient security measures. A recent survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Building revealed that 92% of respondents were directly affected by petty crime, with over 21% reporting weekly theft on their site.

When discussing the security setup with managers of smaller sites, it’s clear that they understand the problem and want to do more, but a key issue is the perceived affordability of an efficient CCTV solution within their limited budget. This ongoing feedback has been crucial in the development of our latest Tetra tower and has laid the foundations when considering the features and price point that smaller site owners require.

About Tetra

Designed specifically to meet these demands, the Tetra is a 5m tall tower that is built with efficiency and affordability in mind. The Tetra is available as a powered or self-powered solar ‘Hybrid’ system and is ideal for the protection of smaller sites or high-value asset areas. The Tetra comes complete with a range of advanced features, usually seen on towers in a higher price range, these include –


  • The Tetra is our most affordable tower solution available, designed to secure smaller sites or compound areas
  • 4 fixed cameras for 360° coverage, ensuring that all angles are covered, and no blind spots are missed
  • Video analytics are built-in, allowing 24/7 customer access through our Online Portal
  • Advanced object recognition will categorise alarms by people or vehicles to enhance efficiency and eliminate false alarms
  • All alarms are assessed by our Operations Team and escalated, if necessary, to local Police authorities through direct access to their local control rooms. Our average response time is just 11 seconds
  • Advanced low-light performance to ensure exceptional video quality during the day or night
  • Object detection up to 30m, making it the ideal choice for protecting critical compound areas or smaller sites
  • Ideal for monitoring health and safety on site due to the 360° coverage of all areas

    An Effective Deterrent

    When tackling issues such as trespassing or theft, we believe that prevention is often the most effective solution. By utilising active deterrents within your site security, criminals will often consider your site to be too risky and move on towards easier targets with more relaxed security.

    Following a survey by Co-op Insurance to a group of former burglars, it was discovered that the most effective deterrents for property theft were CCTV security and barking dogs. The Tetra tower takes CCTV even further, deterring criminals with a range of additional features –

    • Audio challenge is an active deterrent that can deliver live warnings to intruders on-site
    • Light array will provide a visual deterrent when intruders are within the camera’s scope of vision
    • This 5m tall tower provides a highly visual deterrent that is proven to be effective against would-be intruders
    • Warning signs can also be issued to further highlight that active security is present on-site

    This combination of visual and audio features provides an incredibly effective deterrent against criminals looking for easy opportunities for theft.

    Providing Real Solutions

    For larger sites, we would recommend our Max or Ultra towers which provide a wider field of vision for covering larger areas. Our range of temporary CCTV towers are fully customisable to ensure that we have a solution available for all possible requirements.

    CCTV technology continues to advance each year, and as the UK’s leading temporary CCTV supplier, we are at the forefront in the development of technological advancements that continue to make CCTV systems more efficient and more affordable.

    We offer a free no-obligation site assessment to help advise you on the most practical solution for your individual needs. Whether you’d like an informal chat, or a bit more information at this stage, simply get in touch today and we will be happy to help.

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