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9Alarm and Alert Systems

Verifeyed Video Verification

Our new market leading Verifeyed solution is designed to protect vulnerable areas where CCTV is either too expensive to install or inaccessable.

Verifeyed addresses common issues around poor photo quality and detection range. The battery powered, wireless design ensures that the system is up and running in just a few minutes.

Our web based customer portal makes it easy to keep an eye on your sites 24/7. We also store your images for 12 months so you will have access to all captured footage and time-lapse footage.

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Seeing is Believing Day and night camera with high quality resolution for more accurate footage
Is it a Bird? Built in object verification to eliminate false alarms caused by animals, wind or weather
Great in Any Weather Weather-proof and ideal for all internal and external environments
Intelligent Reporting Any incidents can be sent to security personnel or Police within a matter of minutes
Install And Go Quick and easy wireless set-up with no cables necessary, perfect for sites without power
Distance is Everything An incredibly impressive 35m range over the industry standard of 12m

Optoguard Fire Alert System

Our Optoguard Fire Alert system is a unique and wireless, manual fire alert system that can be adapted and expanded for any site requirements.

This system is delivered on a temporary rental basis, with no minimum-hire period, and comes complete with a 2 year battery.

This unit incorporates a clean and simple design with an integrated wireless siren and flashing beacon. It also features an integrated single button call point.

Alert your entire site from just one call point with Optoguard Fire Alert.

Wireless Installation Easy to install and upgrade at anytime with no possiblility of cable damage
Temporary Protection As this system is for rental, there is no purchase necessary or minimum-hire time
Up to 1KM Wireless Range No additional control panel necessary, and can be integrated into our CCTV systems
Visible Reset Button Allows easy testing access on a weekly basis at your convenience
2 Year Wireless Battery Ensures safe and continuous protection against power failures on-site
Wireless Mesh Network Integrated call points ensure that when one is activated, other sites will also alert

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