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Case Study: Rapid Response Security


  • A client approached us to help secure their construction housing project due to multiple issues onsite such as theft, trespassing and vandalism
  • Due to some areas having no access to power, we provided a multiple system solution to fully protect both assets and housing plots, well within their required budget
  • Within just a few days of installation, our security system and ARC team successfully secured the apprehension of an onsite intruder

Meeting Our Customers’ Needs

We were approached by this customer to assess and secure their latest housing project in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, as they had experienced multiple security issues on site. These problems ranged from intruder trespassing to more serious incidents such as theft of high value assets from compound areas, material storage locations and diesel bowsers. Intruders had even caused significant damage to onsite offices and unfurnished plots which became both costly and highly inconvenient to repair.

Due to these ongoing issues, the client was highly concerned that move-in dates would be pushed back for their customers so needed a quick, effective solution.

Providing Real Solutions

Our main challenge on this particular job was to recommend a solution that would not only provide an effective deterrent against intruders, but also fit within their modest fixed security budget over a 2-year period.

As the main compound area had access to mains power, we opted away from our CCTV options and instead recommended our CCTV Lite system which provided the right coverage for their high value asset areas but offered a lower price point due to a more basic feature-set than our tower options.

Protecting the 3 plots that had been vandalised required a different solution altogether as these areas had no access to power. To overcome this, we suggested the installation of our Tetra Solar tower, which operates purely through advanced solar technology, powering its 4 HD cameras to provide 24/7, 360-degree coverage. The Tetra Solar was not just able to cover these plots, it also had the range to cover secondary areas that Dandara deemed to be much lower risk.

From the initial customer enquiry, full site installation took only 3 days and saved this customer over £500 per week against a man guarding solution that they were previously considering, ensuring that they were well within their original security budget.

Results That Matter

Within just a few days of installation, On the 5th June 2022, our Alarm Receiving Centre team received an activation alert from the Tetra Solar tower informing them that human presence had been detected via a secondary area that we covered as an additional benefit outside of their main brief. Within just a few seconds, our team had contacted the Site Manager and the Police who were on site within minutes to apprehend the intruder. Due to the reaction speed of both our ARC team and the Police, there was no damage or theft to property and the intruder was questioned about their presence on a restricted site.

This is just one example of many showing how our security solutions help prevent crime on sites each day. By working closely with the client, and understanding their needs, we were able to tailor a security system that not only solved their initial problems but also gave an additional layer of security that went beyond their initial scope.

Our highly experienced team enjoy the challenge of solving problems that are outside of the normal everyday requirements and we are proud that we can provide bespoke solutions such as these. By working closely with our customers, we can resolve any challenge that arises, and it’s this degree of flexibility that helps us to stand out from the crowd.

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