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• CHC were experiencing thefts on-site due to a lack of visibility
• We rapidly installed 2 towers to provide better visibility and also act as a deterrent
• Since installation, CHC have experienced zero theft related issues
• CHC also took advantage of other services that our towers provide to monitor their construction build

Case Study – Cheetham Hill Construction

Case Date – October 2020
Our Team – Mark Connolly

Meeting our customers’ needs

Cheetham Hill Construction were appointed for the construction of a new link road. This project included the remodelling of a junction to accommodate both a new residential and commercial strategic development site.

One of the challenges was based around the size of the site, as it was very large and contained multiple access points, which were difficult to cover with traditional physical security methods. Due to this, there had been several incidents of equipment going missing from site, which resulted in significant cost to the company.

Providing real solutions

Our solution to this problem was to install two Ultra Hybrid towers on site. Due to the modular build of our towers we were able to deploy one tower in a vulnerable area with no vehicular access. This provided CHC with a much wider visibility range whilst also acting as a serious deterrent due to the 8m tall stature of our towers. Due to the solar power on these types of towers, CHC were able to utilise these towers in areas that did not have access to a power supply.

CHC were able to remotely monitor their site 24/7 and also took advantage of our free time lapse option to document part of the build.

Results that matter

Since the installation of our towers, CHC has not experienced any thefts on site, and continue to use our products to secure their sites and document the construction process.

Customer quote

“The Solar powered CCTV camera we hired was proven to be very effective and any breaches were actioned promptly by the control team. We will gladly hire the CCTV unit again on our sites in the near future”

Lee Farrar – Site Agent

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