A unique and wireless, manual fire alert system that can be adapted and expanded for any site requirements.

A clean and simple design with integrated wireless siren and flashing beacon, plus a push button call point.


Alert your entire site from the push of ONE call point!

Points of Difference

1. Wireless Installation

Easy to install and upgrade at any time.

No wires or power cables to fear cutting.

2. Temporary Protection on a Rental Basis

No purchase necessary and no minimum hire.


3. Wireless Range of up to 1000m.

Integrates with your OPTOGUARD CCTV security system on site. No additional control panels necessary.


4. Visible Reset Buttons

Simple to test on-site, on a weekly basis.


5. Up to 2 year Wireless Battery as Standard

Ensures safe and continuous protection against power failures on-site.


6. Wireless Mesh Communication Network

All call points are integrated to ensure that when one is activated, the rest automatically cascade and alert the entire site simultaneously.

Did You Know?
  • If you have an Optosafe CCTV Security Solution installed on-site, we can link your Fire Alert to the camera too.

  • The OPTOGUARD Fire Alert system is rented on a weekly basis, all inclusive.

Optosafe Ltd currently holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Key Holding and Security Guarding.

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