Bigger. Stronger. Smarter. Faster


We are excited to finally share with you, the new and exclusive  OPTOGUARD ULTRA CCTV TOWER

The industry’s most advanced & fully integrated, rapid deployment CCTV Tower and Optosafe’s most revolutionary product to date.

Developed, engineered and manufactured with our team’s knowledge & experience, alongside essential client feedback on what works and what simply does not.

Unique from every Tower currently available, this system is a multi-function solution, which not only saves clients money, but also addresses their most important site security requirements:

  1. Maximum Physical Deterrent

  2. Fully Monitored

  3. Power & Battery Back-Up

  4. Wireless Connectivity, Signaling & Long Range

  5. Advanced, Reliable & Stable CCTV Technology


100% Self Powered, Hybrid Tower NOW AVAILABLE!

Did You Know?

  • Unlike our competitors, we have NO minimum hire period– perfect for even the smallest of sites and demolitions etc.


  • All of our installation engineers are employed directly by Optosafe and have CSCS cards as well as SIA licences.

  • With Optosafe, you are not only buying a top notch security product - You are buying unbeatable service and integrity. Its difficult to put a price tag on that!

What Makes The OPTOGUARD ULTRA Tower Different?

Bigger Deterrent

The ULTIMATE intruder deterrent:

  • Live and recorded audio challenges including police siren.

  • 150m LED bright spotlight.

  • Random, camera “Guard” patrol.

  • STARVIS night vision technology.

  • Fully tamper protected.

  • “UNPLUGGABLE” design means intruders cannot turn the camera off.

  • 8m tall - Striking physical appearance.

  • Optosafe security response. 

Stronger Batteries

Every ULTRA Tower has an on-board battery backup of up to 100 hours.

Power off at night & weekends and our system will run at full capacity on it's own.

Perfect for remote AND residential sites.


  • NO emissions & ECO Friendly.

  • NO noise pollution.

  • NO added fuel or battery charges.

  • Eliminates tower failure for generator powered sites.


*If you require a self powered solution, please see below for details on our HYBRID Tower. 

Smarter Technology

We choose to invest in developing our own software and systems. This, combined with continual upgrades and improvements to every deployed system, ensures that our products are kept at the forefront of modern technology. 

Our clients can be ​assured that our systems are simply the most stable and reliable on the market. 

Faster Connectivity

All Optosafe wireless systems use the 3G/4G network to communicate with our control centre.

We have exclusive software that runs continual health checks on every system to prevent any interruptions in service.

We even know if/when you have unplugged your system! 

All sensors are  wireless and have a communication range of up to 1 Km. This means we can use less units to cover a larger site - saving £££

What About Sites With No Power?

We have two, 100% self powered CCTV options;


This is our fully featured, ULTRA CCTV Tower, as above - only engineered to operate independently through a combination of Solar Power and H2 Gas.


Due to an exclusive and custom engineered Solar Panel, which fits securely onto the base of our Tower, we are able to utilise solar energy to charge the Tower's batteries during daylight hours. Thus, in turn, reducing the H2 gas requirement to an emergency power source only. 

Environmental Impact

This advanced Hybrid technology not only reduces site fuel costs and improves product efficiency, it makes use of a fundamental renewable energy source, reducing our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. 

Please get in touch to find out how you can save money and reduce your site's environmental impact by switching to our Hybrid CCTV Tower solution.


The market's first, all - in - one, wireless and independently powered video verified alarm system.

Optosafe Ltd currently holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Key Holding and Security Guarding.

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