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9Perimeter Security

Site safety would not be complete without an effective level of perimeter protection.

Perimeter protection provides the first line of defence against trespassers and intruders, particularly when sites are vacant.

We provide a wide range of solutions to ensure that your buildings are protected at all times. We will assess your site and advise you on the best solution for your needs, based on our years of security experience.

Our services also include the maintenance and repair of existing fencing.

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Professional Hoarding

Constructed largely from wood, this fencing provides a visually appealing security solution for sites that are under development

Palisade Fencing

Galvanised metal stakes provide a complete sense of security for all types of sites. This is a particularly popular option for perimeter protection

Heras Fencing

A simple fencing solution that is easily deployable and suitable for a wide variety of security situations

Temporary Barriers

Our temporary concrete barriers can be rapidly deployed for high-risk sites and locations, providing a highly effective level of protection

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