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Synergy Offers – Optosafe and SelectaDNA

As a leading security solutions provider, we fully understand the cost and time impact that criminal activity can have on your business. By combining our security services with SelectaDNA, a global leader in forensic marking technologies, we can now offer our customers a range of DNA solutions that not only act as an effective additional security deterrent, but also aid in the retrieval of valuable assets.

Why Choose Optosafe with SelectaDNA?

Our combined solutions acts as a solid deterrent, reducing theft and criminal activity by 83%

Both brands recognised amongst criminals and UK police forces

We assess the risk, advise, deploy and manage the full service, saving our customers time and admin cost

Comprehensive solutions managed end-to-end by a single supplier, providing a nationwide rapid response

Until 30th April 2023, we are now offering our customers access to a range of offers that combines both solutions. Each Optosafe security system has been matched with a complimentary SelectaDNA product to provide a higher level of security efficiency.

Our limited time Security + SelectaDNA offers – Offer Ends 30th April 2023

Offer includes the supply, application and registration of one of the following:-

SelectaDNA Grease

(100g pot covers approximately 25 metres)

For perimeter protection and restricted external access points. This solution is perfectly suited for the protection of valuable assets which are vulnerable to theft, such as lead roofing, copper piping or high value cabling. When handling marked goods, the grease instantly transfers onto hands and clothing, remaining on skin and clothing for weeks, even after washing, irrefutably linking the perpetrator to the crime scene.

SelectaDNA Property Marking Kit

(Small Commercial Kit marks up to 100 items of property)

For marking high value assets including tools, boilers, white goods and other valuable equipment. DNA property marking solutions are ideal for both private and commercial businesses needing to protect vehicles, equipment and assets. Combining unique DNA coding with microdot technology, not only reduces crime and property theft but also enables police to link criminals to crime scenes and secure convictions.

If you would like to take advantage of one of our offers, then please fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch very soon.