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9Sentry Protect

Our Sentry Protect system, is a technologically advanced wireless security system that can be rapidly deployed to sites that require an effective visual deterrent and flexible on-site positioning.

This industry-leading mobile security system features an impressive 70 metre, 360-degree detection range and wireless monitoring through its 4 fixed HD cameras, providing incredible image quality. This system also provides ultra-fast image transmission speeds from site to operator, ensuring any possible issues can be actioned in real-time. In the event of an intruder on site, this unit features both live and pre-recorded audio voice challenge to further deter would-be trespassers.

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Deterring crime from the outset is always the best possible strategy, and due to its formidable size and visual presence, this system provides a real deterrent against criminal activity. Advanced features such as object recognition and powerful LED lights are included with this system alongside GPS tracking and tamper detection for enhanced system protection

Our national service teams can deploy this system within 24 hours throughout the UK and Northern Ireland, so if you’re looking for a cost-effective, feature rich security deterrent, we have you fully covered.

Defensive measures and system protection

Links criminals to their crime scenes through state-of-the-art synthetic DNA technology, enabling police to later identify intruder. SelectaDNA
signage also provides an additional highly effective visual deterrent.

Industry-leading detection

Due to the impressive detection range of our cameras, we can cover a larger site area using less units, saving customers considerable cost.

Advanced connectivity

Advanced connectivity features ensure secure remote access to video footage and audit events for customers and operators.

Intelligent technology

Incredible high-definition video quality, day or night, with a range of advanced technological features usually found in much higher priced systems.

Effective deterrent

Provides a real deterrent against criminal activity, whilst still remaining quick to deploy and easy to relocate.

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We are proud to be known for our outstanding customer service. We always put our clients first and there are never any hidden costs


As our products are manufactured in-house, we are able to pass the cost savings onto our customers to offer best value


Not only do we provide great products and service, we advise our clients with honesty, integrity and genuine passion for what we do

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Who needs Sentry Protect?

This system is an ideal security solution for site owners with the following needs:

Smaller sites that need less area

Essential coverage of highly valuable assets or compound areas
Rapid 24 hour deployment througout the UK and Northern Ireland
Sites where flexible security and mobile positioning is required

Sites working with lower security budgets

Why Choose Optosafe?

Technologically advanced range of security products to suit all environments
Free site survey to advise on the most efficient and cost effective solution
24/7/365 monitoring through our accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) team
Significantly reduce upfornt costs by renting, rather than purchasing
All maintenance included within the rental agreement
A truly national service team that can be rapidly deployed to any UK to Northern Ireland location
Online Customer Portal Free and easy access to view and control your cameras anywhere, any time.
24/7 HD SSD Recording Time and date stamped HD footage that can be retrieved for up to 30 days at a time
Up to 1km Peripheral Range Due to the incredibly long range, fewer Towers are necessary to cover your whole site
Nationwide Rapid Deployment We can deploy our products in less than 24 hours throughout the UK and Ireland
Optional Audio Announcements Audio challenges, Police siren and LED spotlights provide a significant intruder deterrent
Guaranteed 99% Service Up-time Our range of products currently average an industry leading 99.6% service up-time

You’re in safe hands